How does my Ship2You online account work?

Sign in to your Ship2You account

  1. Go to Packages and check if your package has arrived.
  2. On the Action column, click “Add to package”.
  3. You have to put all the details of your package.
  4. Your package will have a new incoming package ID.
  5. Once the package arrives in the warehouse, you will get an email notification about it.
  6. You will then process your package, you may consolidate your items, repackage it or remove its original packaging from it before processing it for shipment.
  7. Once you process the items, you will be notified about the weight of your shipment and you will receive a payment request.
  8. Once you make the payment online, it will be shipped the day itself.
  9. You may check the status of your shipment through the tracking number.
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