What is the main difference between the 3 services provided by Ship2You?

Consolidated Packaging: In consolidated packaging, we repackage your different items from different retailers or shops in one box. This way, not only you save the 1st half kilo price for each individual package but also end up saving a lot as all the items are consolidated to make one box for volumetric weight.

Removal of Original Packaging: In removal of original packaging, we remove the original packaging of your items reducing the weight of your items. It comes handy when you have to ship shoes, bags and items with big boxes. We remove the original packaging and put the item in the smallest possible box to save shipping cost for you.

Repackaging: Repackaging is similar to consolidation when it comes to multiple items. Moreover, you can also repackage individual items as well. In repackaging, we put your item with its original packaging to the smallest possible box. We remove the packaging of your retailer.

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