What is a MSDS and when/why I would need an MSDS?

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that gives detailed information about the nature of a chemical, such as physical and chemical properties, health, safety, fire, and environmental hazards of a chemical product.

The purpose of the MSDS is to provide elaborative data about

  1. the physical and chemical properties of the cargo like the three main points such as flash, boiling and melting points
  2. the nature of the cargo indicating its toxicity
  3. effects on ones health
  4. the first aid that needs to be administered in case of adverse contact
  5. possible reactions
  6. methods of storage
  7. methods of disposal
  8. protective equipment to be used by people that come in contact with the material
  9. spill-handling procedures

Why & When do you need an MSDS?

MSDS is often needed when we are not sure about the item and it may be falling under our restricted items list. As a standard shipping protocol, we may ask for a MSDS of your items to make sure it does not fall under our restricted items and is safe for shipping.

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